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2-Observe SA

Invest in 2-Observe - Crowdfunding Campaign

2-Observe has chosen the crowdfunding for the second consecutive year to involve more people in the project. The goal this year is to reinforce the commercial development and to enter the international market.

Our project

2-Observe is an innovative start-up that has developed a medical device to prevent deaths in hospitals. The Life Observer mobile answers the need of continuous supervision of high-risk patients without monitoring in general hospital wards.

Easy to use for nursing teams and contactless for the patient, it detects the respiratory failure and triggers an alarm that allows first aid and save lifes.

Why a crowdfunding campaign?

The crowdfunding is a fund raising campaign that gives the opportunity to individuals to become shareholders of the company for a low amount of money.

The ownership opening of our company permits to individuals to take part in the development of a medical start-up. 2-Observe innovates at the side of nursing teams to save lifes.

To invest :