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Intronix Technologies Corporation

Intronix Technologies Launches Clinical Video Presence on the Web

Myoguide, a powerful ally in the palm of your hand

TORONTO, On, August 24, 2011 — As clinicians’ rehabilitation patient loads grow, the need to improve patient outcomes and streamline treatment procedures becomes more important. One company has introduced a cost-effective way for clinicians to carry out treatment procedures with improved outcomes while maintaining safe continuity of care.

Intronix Technologies Corporation (, is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures innovative electromyographic (EMG) systems for applications in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal pain, spasticity, and fibromyalgia. —

The lead product in our new Myoguide line is now available in Canada and Europe, and will soon be available in the US. Intronix has posted educational videos on their website for easy reference and review. There is a range of live clinical videos demonstrating a variety of procedures, as well as a growing library of animations. ( There are also a variety of whitepapers including “Needle EMG Guidance for Improved Outcomes” and “Trigger Points” available by request.

The Myoguide product line provides easy to use devices, with existing billing codes, that can improve treatment outcomes. Myoguide has patents pending, Can., CE & TUV certificates, & US FDA 510(k) is in progress.

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Dr. Evan Friedman,
Intronix Technologies Corporation