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Impact Instrumentation, Inc.

Introduction of New Portable Ventilator at MEDICA

Immediate Release

Impact will be introducing at MEDICA its new EMV+ portable ventilator with integrated pulse oximeter. It can deliver volume or pressure-targeted breaths, pressure-support, and CPAP. This ventilator was developed specifically for hospital, prehospital, transport, aeromedical, military and mass casualty care use in controlled or harsh environments. It has a built-in compressor, air/oxygen mixer and PEEP, accepts high and low pressure oxygen, operates in excess of 10 hours from its internal battery, and weighs only 4.3 kg.

The EMV+ includes start up default values set by the factory or the user and is easily managed by operators with minimal mechanical ventilation experience. Its comprehensive alarm suite also includes SpO2 and heart rate alarms and a display that provides Smart-Help™ messaging prompts to guide the caregiver towards alarm resolution. The EMV+ uses cost-effective adult/pediatric or infant disposable circuits, includes a built-in rapid charger that can restore its battery to 90% capacity in less than 2 hours, may be interfaced with industry-standard bacterial/viral or chemical/biological filters, and allows continuous operation from external power.