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Allied Healthcare Products, Inc.

Introduction of Litholyme™, a new CO2 Absorbent Used in Anesthesia

A new CO2 absorbent for added safety in anesthesia

Allied Healthcare Products has announced introduction of Litholyme™, a new premium carbon dioxide absorbent used in anesthesia which provides enhanced patient safety over conventional absorbents.

Litholyme features a patented formulation which eliminates the safety concerns commonly associated with conventional carbon dioxide absorbents, yet it it maintains the absorption efficiency of conventional absorbents and is offered at a similar price. Other premium CO2 absorbents which exist in the market today also provide increased safety but can be much more costly than conventional absorbents, limiting their adoption in hospitals.

Litholyme’s balance of performance, safety, and cost is a combination that serves to broaden the use of this safer formulation.

Allied Healthcare Products, Inc., manufactures a variety of respiratory products used in the healthcare industry in a range of hospital and alternate care settings including sub-acute facilities, home healthcare and emergency medical care. Allied product lines include respiratory care products, medical gas equipment and emergency medical products. Allied products are marketed to hospitals, hospital equipment dealers, hospital construction contractors, home healthcare dealers and emergency medical products dealers.

This new product can be seen at the Allied Healthcare Products stand in the US Pavilion 16D20-8.