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Introducing the New Talley Foam Dressing Kit

The launch of the new foam kits broadens the range of interface options offered by Talley and allows wound care professionals and clinicians a choice based on their patients’ needs and the wound.

The new foam kits will be launched into the market at the beginning of 2013 as a single use, disposable product. The kit will also include the new Portal Drain which is designed to assist in the ease of dressing application and obtaining a seal. The Portal Drain will also be available for use with the gauze treatment option.

Talley’s Venturi NPWT systems are a clinically proven cost effective option for the treatment of many types of wounds. Gauze based NPWT is a proven worldwide established interface treatment of most wound types. It is versatile, flexible and easy to apply as it conforms to any wound shape, especially wounds that have complex contours and undermining. On removal it is safe and comfortable for the patient with reduced risk of ingrowth in to the new tissue. Furthermore, the anti-microbial properties of the gauze assist in reducing the risk of infection in the wound.

Foam is a long established interface in the treatment of many wounds with NPWT. It has been clinically proven in providing clinical benefits to the wound for example reducing exudate levels, encouraging granulation and reduction in wound size.

Jane McKendrick, Talley’s Clinical Manager, commented “Talley excels in understanding the requirements of its customers whether in the acute or community setting and by offering both foam and gauze as interfaces for this therapy we are giving clinicians the ability to choose which treatment suits their individual patient needs.”

Talley’s new foam kit will complement the comprehensive dressing portfolio that is already available worldwide.

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