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TOOLpartners A/S

Introducing micro- and nano technology

TOOLpartners® is an innovative consulting and technology park specializing in plastic moulding. Services built upon years of experience and a solid theoretical foundation. The ambition is to be a preferred partner for innovative companies working within the plastics manufacturing industry who want to optimize the production process by means of an ingenious production design and effective tools.


TOOLpartners® and the technology partners in NanoPlast and Plast4future offers medical products with new surface functionalities, which are becoming more widespread in the market. The demands to have a unique identification (anti-counterfeit) at the product can be necessary for safety reasons.

Furthermore, color appearance or demands to keep surfaces clean during use will be required in future products.

TOOLpartners® is engaged in European activities on this.

• “NanoPlast” is a project formed by a couple of Danish companies in cooperation with the Danish technical University (DTU). During the last 4 years, where the project has been running, the partners developed a nano technology platform from which it is possible to mould nanostructure directly at plastic products with different properties.

On top of this platform an EU project “Plast4future” are showing this technology in demonstrator products.

To obtain a competitive advantage atyour medical products and to be one of the first movers, TOOLpartners® their technology partners in NanoPlast and Plast4future invites you to visit the booth in Hall 16/D41.

Here you can meet the specialists in nano technology, and you will have an opportunity to discuss the possibilities with functionalities at the surface at your plastic products. We can also advice you on how to implant nano pattern moulded directly at the plastic surface with different properties