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Introducing BioGelCoat

BioGelCoat It is a revolutionary technology of covering which protects against germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi

BioGelCoat is a plastic covering that is applied to the fiberglass. During its production are put copper nanoparticles, creating a layer free of germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi, all due to the copper ions.

GelCoat is a material created to give a high quality finish on the visible surface of a composite material reinforced with fiber. Gelcoats are modified resins which are applied to moulds in the liquid state. When they are cured, create cross-linked polymers and subsequently they are covered with composite polymer matrices, which usually they are mixtures of polyester resin and fiberglass or epoxy resin and glass.

Ambulance Interiors

Its use is especially effective when patients have injuries that bleed so much or have external agents such as dirt, grass, cement, or any other contamination that may exist in the environment.

Hospital Wards

BioGelCoat also can be applied in the ward surfaces, waiting rooms, and walls of laboratories.