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Spengler S.a.s.

Introducing Advanced Shockproof Technology

Lian Nano Shockproof

Spengler, French manufacturer of medical devices since 1907, introduces in 2010 an advanced shockproof technology to its sphygmomanometers.
Always attentive to its end users' demands, Spengler has developed this shockproof technology for highly resistant blood pressure medical devices.

Thanks to a innovating double-deck housing, all mechanism used in shockproof sphygs by Spengler are protected from the shocks subjected by the sphygs from day-to-day use. The outside deck absorbs the shock, prevents the shockwave to be spread to the inside deck, where the mechanism is mounted. Therefore, the lifetime of the sphygs by Spengler is significantly improved.

What does "SHOCKPROOF" mean?
Any sphygmomanometer can be "SHOCKPROOF" marked as soon as it meets EN ISO 81060-1 Chap. 6.4 International Standard requirements, i.e. 6 free drops (on each side of the sphygmomanometer) from 1-meter height. Of course, a sphygmomanometer that could not meet these requirements could not be marked as "SHOCKPROOF" or "SHOCK-RESISTANT".

In 2010, Spengler offers to its customers the highest standards to 5 of its range models: Vaquez-Laubry Hopital, Vaquez-Laubry Classic, Vaquez-Laubry Nano, Vaquez-Laubry Clinic and Lian Nano. All of them are SHOCKPROOF, according to the EN ISO 81060-6.4 International Standard.