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Interview with Bob Chadwick

Bob Chadwick - CEO Endur ID Inc

Tom Edwards (TE): "So tell me why Endur ID is different to any other business that offers patient identification solutions to healthcare organisations?"

Bob Chadwick (BC): "Over the past 5 years Endur ID has experienced great growth in the North American healthcare market which has been due to the development of a range of products that caters for the gaps left by other printed patient wristband suppliers. By talking and listening to our resellers and end users, we discovered that "one size" does not necessarily fit all. We found that specific clinical areas needed something more so that efficiency gains and benefits associated with patient safety could be fully realised."

TE: “Can you explain what some of those benefits are and why a hospital should consider using Endur ID products?”

BC: “Sure, in the UK for example, there are many hospitals that place two wristbands on patients that are to undergo a surgical procedure so, instead of producing two sets of wristbands with two printing processes, we developed a product that had two wristbands on the same sheet and this saved time on the printing process and improving patient safety because there is less chance of mixing together two different patient wristbands. There is also some significant cost savings too.”

TE: “What about hospitals that have already implemented wristbands wouldn’t there be a significant cost to change over to Endur ID? Have you thought about that aspect?”

BC: “Yes absolutely, for wristbands produced on laser printers, the printing position of the wristband and the labels if the A4 combination sheets are used, are located in the same place so there is no need for any costly system changes. Due to this, migration by hospital or by department could not be easier.”

TE: “So, what are you hoping to achieve at Medica 2014?”

BC: “I would like to repeat the North American success story and open up the opportunity for resellers with local healthcare knowledge to supply Endur ID products. I would like healthcare organisations within Europe to fulfil their patient identification needs in all areas, to have choice and receive better value!”

TE: “Bob, thank you very much for your time and good luck at Medica”