Intersurgical Extends its ECO Range of Products

Intersurgical announces the launch of more products in its Eco range of low environmental impact products. These now include:

· Eco Oxygen mask
· Eco Aerosol mask
· Eco High Concentration Oxygen Mask
· Cirrus2 Adult Eco Mask Kit
· Eco Venturi mask kits

Lowering the environmental impact Geoff Wond, ECO range Product Manager explains ‘As part of a continual improvement process, Intersurgical aims to reduce the environmental impact of its products and processes. This has resulted in a long search for alternative materials to PVC to address these concerns. We are delighted to now add more products to the range providing our customers with an extended choice of low environmental impact products. For example, the new Intersurgical Eco Oxygen Mask, has a 73% lower impact on the environment over its complete life cycle compared to PVC alternatives’.

To find out further information visit www.intersurgical.com/ecorange