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International Advanced Ozone Therapy and PRP Treatments Seminar

In Istanbul on 06-07 October 2012 an international theoretical and practical seminar will be held on the topic of Advanced Level of Ozone Therapy and PRP Applications.

The purpose of this seminar ise to update the doctors on the new applications on the research level and evidence-based medicine,In this seminar, the results of scientific studies and applications of new methods for the treatment of ozone will be transferred to attendants,
as well as a method of treatment which is quite popular in the last few years, the application of PRP on the combination with ozone will be theroically and practically lectured.

Up today many physicians and allied health personel are trained in basic Ozone Therapy. Aalthough there are recent studies carried out on Ozone Therapy abroad.
New developments on scientific grounds for the development of ozone therapy have been conducted by an associations named International Scientific Committee of ozone
(İSCO3) that has been operating since 2010. Currently, clinicians dealing with ozone therapy addition to all the doctors who want to learn or improve their knowledge in the
treatment of PRP can participate in this seminar. These treatments that can be used in the fields of medicine mainly Physical Therapy, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery,
Medical Aesthetics Medicine branches, and learning the developments in those treatments will increase participants' knowledge and experience.

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