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Interacoustics A/S

Interacoustics ASSR 6 months after release

Interacoustics ASSR

Since its launch in February 2007 Interacoustics ASSR has proven its reliability worldwide.

Test times down to 20 minutes are not unusual and the estimated audiogram often shows remarkably precise results. At present Interacoustics ASSR is the best ASSR system on the market. FDA recently approved the system for the US.

Among the many reported cases are four from Russia, Denmark, Sweden and Germany. They and others show reliable and quicker estimated audiograms than the competition.

Case 1: Hospital Sweden
The hospital needed to change 3 systems and wanted to test the Interacoustics ASSR. The first test on a 20 year old man showed a result after 25 minutes on all frequencies at 10dB. The next was a 50 year old man who was supposed to have no hearing in his left ear. After 30 minutes, Interacoustics ASSR showed a hearing loss of 55-60 dB on the left ear – which the man confirmed afterwards as the actual hearing loss.

Case 2: Hospital Denmark
Two children (aged 2 and 4) were tested for hearing loss. EcochG tests (the hospital’s gold standard) had indicated hearing levels at around 80 dbHL. The hospital normally used a competing product for four-frequency threshold estimation, but wanted to test with Interacoustics ASSR.
The competing product showed very inconclusive threshold estimates – so they were surprised when Interacoustics ASSR showed thresholds consistent with the EcochG. They were also pleased with the speed and accuracy during the demonstration. They now rely on Interacoustics ASSR for their four-frequency follow up to EcochG.

Case 3: Hospital Russia
An ENT specialist obtained an audiogram from a 5 year child. However, he was much in doubt if the girl pressed the button at the right time. Interacoustics ASSR estimated the audiogram at better thresholds, especially at the higher frequencies. According to her mother, the girl could understand quite a lot of speech and the ENT specialist confirmed that the Interacoustics ASSR estimates were almost certainly closer to the real audiogram. So Interacoustics ASSR delivered a more accurate audiogram than traditional measurement for a difficult to test patient.

Case 4: Hospital Germany
Two girls (aged 2 and 3) underwent surgery under general anesthetic. Interacoustics ASSR was used to check post operative hearing while the patients were still anesthetized. After 15-20 minutes testing they obtained results down to 15dbHL, confirming the success of the surgery.

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