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Intelligent Operating Table System: TRUMPF’s newest OR table “TruSystem 7500” innovatively unites form and function

TruSystem 7500

The new generation of operating tables TruSystem 7500 promises to facilitate work for personnel, increase security for patients, and improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the hospital. This trendsetting, replaceable plate system expands TRUMPF’s portfolio of products in the premium segment of OR tables. Consistently oriented to the desires of the user, the TruSystem 7500 combines proven features such as modularity and compatibility with all TRUMPF components and accessories, but includes new and innovative functions. These include extreme adjustment angles and a new, intuitive operating concept, as well as the very ergonomic and secure handling of all components. This innovative technology finds its expression in a new and functional design based on the human anatomy.

User orientation was again the focal point at TRUMPF during the development of the new table. This led to a more flexible, more modular table with broad functionality that meets the demands of OR personnel as well as making a medical advancement. While meeting these goals, TruSystem 7500 remains completely upward and downward compatible to all other modular, electric motor-driven TRUMPF OR table models. This means that – depending on the OR procedure – personnel can assemble, lengthen and shorten the table, and attach parts quickly and confusion-free using patented coupling points and only a few hand movements. This lets hospitals add equipment economically and according to needs, and use existing OR table accessories from TRUMPF for the new table.

The modern hardware and software architecture of the TruSystem 7500 ensures substantially more efficient and secure work in the operating room. In patient positioning, you benefit from the coded, confusion-free coupling points and practically outage-free motors in the support column and table plate. Desired table positions can be set substantially faster and more precisely than for previous OR tables using programmable high-speed motors. It is also possible to expand the new table with additional motorised motion functions, reducing manual settings to a minimum. For example, enlargements of the seat area and the head section can be adjusted manually with motorised hinges. TruSystem 7500 is prepared for both options. In addition, a new, intuitive operating concept ensures secure and simple table operation. For the first time, the remote control unit features an integrated touchscreen on which many new functions can be called up directly. For example, a service mode provides information on the charge status of the integrated battery. Various table positions can easily be stored and called up again. It is also possible to expand the touchscreen with individually desired functions. TRUMPF OR lights and OR light cameras, room lights and blinds can also be controlled from the touchscreen, for example. TruSystem 7500 can also be smoothly integrated into OR control systems. Another plus is the integrated endo-light that ensures safe orientation of personnel for minimally invasive procedures.

TruSystem 7500 fulfils customers’ needs for extreme adjustment angles – a growing need in minimally invasive surgery in particular – as well as for a lower minimum height. This greatly facilitates the work of doctors in neurology and ophthalmology, for example. The new OR table allows 65 degrees Trendelenburg and 30 degrees without losing stability or restricting surgeons’ freedom of leg movement.“ The Trendelenburg feature is distributed for the first time between the column and the plate,” explains Product Manager Michael Gräf. “Forty-five degrees come from the column and another 20 degrees from a special plate that the customer only needs to purchase if it’s required and which can be retrofitted at any time.” The table incline at a minimum height of 590 mm and is designed for an average patient weight of 360 kg.

The almost unlimited functionality and sophisticated technology of the OR table are also exhibited in its design, which is closely based on the human anatomy. The cushions of the table have soft, round forms that adapt optimally to any body. The operating elements such as levers and handles are also rounded and designed in colour, making them more ergonomic and pleasant for the OR personnel to handle. Last but not least, all table plates, components, cushions and the table column meet the highest hygienic demands. For example, the folded bellows of the table column contain only a few folds that are practically flat in the normal position, making them easier to clean.

With the TruSystem 7500, there are also no limits on intra-operative image generation. The available carbon plates and components and the length offset of the table make rebedding of patients unnecessary. Patients can be gently scanned intra-operatively, saving time and money.