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LINAK A/S, Group Headquarters

Intelligent Actuators, Controls and a Powerful SMPS


IC actuators are based on the intelligent OpenBus platform and with a printed circuit board inside there is no need for mounting of a control box. High speed under maximum load and a low noise level allows for health care staff to work efficiently as well as offering patients a high degree of comfort. Intelligent actuators can be connected directly to a foot switch or hand control and a second linear actuator if necessary
Power is supplied to the intelligent actuators by the new high-performance SMPS30, a switch mode power supply with a wide input-range from 100-240 V AC. The 300 W powerful SMPS ensures maximum use of actuator capacity and it is an eco-friendly solution due to a low standby power consumption compared to traditional transformer solutions. This renders the device perfectly consistent with LINAK’s environmental policy. The exchangeable mains and output cables make it easy to exchange cables due to wear and tear and ensure a safe application and worldwide compatibility.

The new product family is completed by the addition of the FS3 foot switch. The FS3 is characterized by its innovative and very user friendly design which is the result of consultation with end users. The FS3 is simple and intuitive to operate and, in addition to the floor model, a model for direct mounting on the side of a bed frame will be released shortly. If it is necessary to have a foot switch for control of more than one movement, the modular construction of the FS3 allows it to be extended according to the needs.

New products based on the well-known LINAK OpenBus technology, offer numerous opportunities to attach additional accessories, such as, for example, a USB hub, a reading lamp or an infrared hand control, thereby broadening the range of uses. Thanks to OpenBus, the service data are also recorded in the intelligent actuators and can be easily read out. The availability time of an application increases, resulting in an overall reduction in service costs and more efficient use of the application.

The LINAK group headquarters in Guderup, Denmark, extend over an area of 38,000 m² with development and production sites. LINAK has approximately 1,600 dedicated employees in 35 countries.

LINAK is known worldwide for its high quality standard and technically highly developed and innovative solutions, which come onto the market as advanced products, thereby offering both our customers and us a strategic advantage.

With over 7,000 different articles, hardly any other provider in this sector offers a bigger range of actuation systems than LINAK. Our complete range includes actuators, lifting columns, control boxes, operating devices and extensive accessories.

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