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Instrument Preparation

Instruments are a major asset and represent a significant share of the total capital spending of a hospital. The practical experience recorded in this guide, together with a description of fundamental interrelationships, is intended to help users to keep their reusable instruments in good working order and preserve their value for many years, by ensuring proper care and maintenance. It should be emphasized that the recommended measures must always be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, pertinent hygiene requirements and official safety-at-work guidelines.

Instrument processing is increasingly subject to legislation (Medical Devices Act, Medical Devices Directive), with a general tendency towards a worldwide harmonization. In addition, there are direct legal requirements that need to be observed e.g. the German "Betreiberverordnung" (Operator Regulations), which implements the Medical Devices Directive (MDD). They provide detailed instructions in the form of validation measures that should be carried out by the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD). Compliance with such requirements can best be assured and documented within the context of a quality system (QS).

Zepf Medical Instruments takes the subject of instrument preparation very seriously. In our "Service / document service" section you will find a corresponding sheet on the preparation of our instruments. Instruments that require special preparation are delivered with special preparation instructions.

In the "red brochure" you will find complete and informative information on the subject. Information on dentistry is found in the "yellow brochure". The current versions are available to download on the web page of the instrument preparation working group (

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