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Innovfusion Pte. Ltd.

Innovfusion: Innovations in infusion pumps for labour pain relief

EPIVA Infusion Pump (Epidurals)

Innovfusion is a new medical devices company developing innovative infusion pumps for labour pain relief. The Singapore-based company is developing the pumps with partners from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), the country’s largest dedicated facility for women and children.

Labour pain is known to intensify as labour progresses. In many developed countries, more than half of women in labour request epidural analgesia to cope with the pain. Yet, currently available infusion pumps or injections for epidural analgesia are request-based, and do not anticipate labour pain to modulate pain relief.

Innovfusion’s first pump, EPIVA, will have a proprietary algorithm that anticipates patient pain, and administers fitting levels of epidural analgesia. Preliminary trials have shown the technique to be of high efficiency, achieving four times lower physician intervention and higher maternal satisfaction with the same amount of analgesia.

EPIVA is scheduled for a 3,000-patient trial with KKH at the end of this year. Subsequent infusion pumps will be targeted for intravenous and spinal analgesia, and will incorporate vital signs monitoring to improve patient safety.