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Innovative hospital networking without replacing software

Walldorf/Düsseldorf, November 14, 2005 – Germany’s hospital market is in a turbulent period of consolidation. If they are to succeed in amalgamating cost-effectively, it is vital that the medical systems of various hospitals are able to exchange information among themselves. At MEDICA 2005 ICW presents an innovative networking solution that connects existing but until now isolated hospital information systems with each other without the necessity to replace their current software. And this means no time-consuming data migration or expensive staff training programs either.

ICW’s hospital networking solution comprises several elements, which are connected via its medical service bus (ICW MSB) to available information systems. The enterprise master patient index (ICW MPI) then links the patient master data from connected hospitals and assigns it reliably and accurately to individual patients. This means information on in- and out-patient cases of treatment, diagnoses, and links to reports can be saved in the medical knowledge index (ICW MKI). At the same time, the documents remain in the source systems in which they have been produced. They can be requested via the document management adapter (ICW DMA) in the medical knowledge index, which for the first time enables a consolidated view of all patient data.

At the same time this networking solution can definitely strengthen the relationship with referring physicians, as doctors in practice provide up to 90 percent of a hospital’s capacity. If they are more closely integrated in the flow of information, this may have a positive effect on their referral decision. Therefore, data can also be exchanged with the LifeSensor personal health record via the hospital networking solution. This means the referring doctor’s examinations and diagnoses are immediately available as the patient is admitted. When the patient is discharged, information from the hospital, such as examination results, diagnoses, planned treatment or discharge letters can be placed in the patient’s record, so the doctor in practice immediately has all the very latest information and can implement any subsequent treatment required.

Together with partners ICW has also developed an electronic health card solution. Its interoperability with ICW’s new hospital networking solution and the web-based health record LifeSensor has been proved in comprehensive laboratory tests and currently in field tests. The solution will be constantly improved and adapted to relevant decisions of the Gematik, German association for health care applications for the electronic health card, to assure comprehensive investment security.