Innovative blood pressure monitor with ECG function -- MEDICA Trade Fair


Beurer GmbH

Innovative blood pressure monitor with ECG function

Innovative blood pressure monitor with ECG function

As part of the MEDICA 2015, Beurer will present - in hall 12, stand A31 - the new BM 95 2-in-1 upper arm blood pressure monitor with ECG function. The innovative device combines these two measuring functions for the first time. This enables optimal monitoring of blood pressure, pulse and cardiac rhythm from the comfort of your own home. Particularly convenient is the new associated Beurer CardioExpert app: measured values are transferred directly from the device via Bluetooth® Smart to the CardioExpert app, where they are evaluated.

BM 95 – 2-in-1 upper arm blood pressure monitor with ECG function

The new upper arm blood pressure monitor has a handy ECG stick. This provides the user with comprehensive health monitoring options, all from just one device.

1. Blood pressure or ECG recording
2. Immediate result
3. Option of printout for doctor in the event of abnormalities
4. Early detection and treatment of illnesses

Blood pressure and pulse measurement

With the BM 95, a fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement is carried out on the upper arm using a universal cuff for upper arm circumferences of 22-42 cm. In the event of incorrect usage, the user receives a message. The results are shown and classified on the display. This allows critical values to be detected immediately. 2x60 memory spaces are available for saving data. The BM 95 comes with a practical storage bag.

ECG measurement with ECG stick

The single-channel ECG also enables recording of the cardiac rhythm. The measurement takes place within a 30-second countdown period and is displayed by means of a flashing heart rate display. The device has an enhanced arrhythmia detection, which can also detect atrial fibrillation and extrasystole, for example. During the measurement, the average heart rate is displayed. Once the countdown is complete, an evaluation of the ECG measurement appears on the display of the BM 95.

Beurer CardioExpert app and software

The BM 95 belongs to the Beurer Connect product group and is compatible with the new Beurer CardioExpert app and software. The measured values can be transferred to the CardioExpert software via USB cable, or to the designated CardioExpert app via Bluetooth® Smart. There the data is presented and evaluated in a clear overview. This means that users have all their values under control ready for a professional exchange with the doctor.