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Innovative Technology for a Safe Birth Process

Decisions often have to be made very quickly during delivery. These include for example, recognising the correct moment for a vacuum or forceps delivery. In this context, issues concerning indications and precondition are always decisive, for example: Are forceps necessary? Are forceps feasible?

The innovative SIMone™ Birthing Simulator from 3B will permit obstetric medical students to realistically simulate vaginal-operative delivery procedures for the first time. A routine can finally be instilled before an emergency, enabling less experienced obstetricians to deal competently and confidently with difficult situations.

SIMone™ represents a model of the anatomy of a female lower abdomen, as well as a foetal head with the sagitta suture and fontanelle. The screen located above the model displays an accurate and realistic representation of the position and rotation of the foetal head within the material pelvis. The CTG, partogram, anamnesis, findings and interventions are also displayed. A further feature: For the first time the position of the foetal head can also be determined objectively.

The Birthing Simulator represents the complete clinical procedure, including anamnesis, diagnosis and intervention. A variety of scenarios can be selected that demonstrate different complex delivery procedures and the CTG and partogram support the assessment of the progress of the delivery. And of course all of the actions performed are recorded and can be called up later.

SIMone™ was tested by more than 50 doctors with experience in obstetrics and evaluated in terms of quality. An overwhelming majority of those surveyed (83.0%) stated that the simulator demonstrated a very high or high degree of realism. Almost all of the participating doctors (96.1%) would recommend to their colleagues that they should use SIMone™ in obstetrics training to effectively prepare for possible complications.


The 3B Scientific® Birthing Simulator provides training in:

• The correct use of vacuum and forceps
• Defining the position of the foetal head
• The management of delivery complications with the aid of anamnesis, findings and intervention.

Benefits: Ultra-realistic

• The instruments are used with actual force to guide the baby's head
• Characteristic sounds of breathing and pain from the mother and the foetal heartbeat make the situation very lifelike

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