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CardioMed Supplies Inc.

Innovative Puncture-guard Needle Stick Prevention Technology

Lindsay, Ontario, September 19 – CardioMed, an ISO 13485:20038-certified medical device manufacturer, has developed and won approvals for Punctur-Guard, a uniquely designed and engineered disposable safety product line for blood sampling and intravenous infusions. The long-established Canadian company will launch Puncture-Guard at MEDICA 2011, the world’s largest annual medical exhibition, in Düsseldorf, Germany, November 16 – 19. Punctur-Guard’s safety-winged infusion sets protect medical professionals against contaminated needle sticks, a serious occupational hazard.

“Contaminated needle stick injuries can be life-threatening to clinicians, affecting them physically, mentally and socio-economically. They usually occur within two seconds after the needle is removed from the patient’s skin and the needle is still bare,” says Raphael Dube, VP Marketing & Sales at CardioMed. “But unlike other so-called safety needle products, the Punctur-Guard’s protective mechanism is activated while the needle is still inside the patient, covering and blunting the needle the instant it is withdrawn – so the two-minute window of danger is no more.”

At MEDICA this year, CardioMed will be looking to appoint distributors for Punctur-Gaurd and its wide range of other specialized health care products, which have all won CE mark, Health Canada, and FDA approval and can be sold internationally.

CardioMed is looking forward to meeting you at MEDICA. So please visit us and enjoy our hospitality at the Ontario, Canada Pavilion in Hall 16, booth G42.

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