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Teleflex Medical OEM

Innovative Braiding Technology Unveiled By Teleflex Medical OEM

Teleflex Medical OEM, a global leader in custom-engineered sutures, today announced an advanced braiding technology that can divide a suture into multiple end branches or integrate several “loops” within the strand. This continuous braiding process can produce variations of complex, divided segments at the end of a suture, or between singular round or flat tape segments. The need for expensive and time-intensive manual sewing is eliminated.

 The braiding technology allows for a broad range of configurations that are expected to be used in orthopedic applications where two sutures are presently used for fixation. Other possible applications could be as a component in manufacturing.

At this time, the furcated braiding process can be used to customize Teleflex Medical OEM’s high-strength Force Fiber OrthoTape® Braid, a flat tape, and to Force Fiber Fusion™ Suture, a product that transitions from round suture to a flat center and back to round suture in one seamless strand.

See it in stand 8A L27 at the COMPAMED International Trade Fair.

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