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Amvex Corporation

Innovations: Integrated Flowmeter

Amvex Corporation, based out of Ontario, Canada is a global leader in manufacturing Medical Products for the Healthcare Industry.

Our Respiratory Equipment is manufactured using the latest technology resulting in innovative products that improve patient care and provide new solutions for hospital clinicians.

Combining functionality, efficiency, convenience and safety, we are proud to offer two new and exciting additions to our impressive line of respiratory products: The Amvex Digital Suction Regulator, and the Amvex Integrated Flowmeter.

Along with our traditional Analog Suction Regulator, Amvex manufactures a Patented Digital Suction Regulator providing added durability, accuracy and ease of functionality for nurses. The Digital gauge provides a solution that is easy to read, accurate, and has no moving parts, which means there’s nothing to break. With Amvex’s Digital Suction Regulator, hospitals can move into the future incorporating the latest technologies into all of their products.

Amvex’s latest innovation, the Integrated Flowmeter combines a medical gas outlet and a Flowmeter into one compact design. Reducing the need to repair or replace Flowmeters provides substantial cost savings for respiratory departments. The built-in Flowmeter saves space, and alleviates safety concerns regarding cross-contamination between departments. Integrated Flowmeter is the first of its kind; ensuring that you always have a Flowmeter when you need it.

At Amvex we are committed to continuously developing new products to release to the healthcare industry. Our extensive line of quality products also includes CSA, CE and UL listed Medical Hose Assemblies, Bulk Hose, Integrated Flowmeters, Flowmeters, Suction Regulators, Gas Regulators, Adapters, Couplers, NPT Fittings and International fittings. We are also proud to be an ISO 13485:2003 registered company.

Please contact us at 001.905.764.7736, or visit our website for more information.