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Innovation for the success of enterprise

[ESSEN, Germany] Innovation is the drive of each enterprise. Who rises quickly and effectively to challenge of its market, survives. But, only 6 % of all innovation ideas lead to a market success. How do you identify the appropriate innovation idea? How could you control the road to success during development time? How could you grant an appropriate number of innovations in the pipe of your enterprise? The product HeiMed Inno of HeiMed® supports enterprises in medical technology exactly in these questions.

On the occasion of MEDICA this year, the innovation coach HeiMed® introduces officially its new product HeiMed Inno. A profit-making innovation idea can only be considered in connection to the whole enterprise, says the owner of HeiMed®, Dr Gabriele Heitner. Therewith, HeiMed Inno complements the products for supporting single innovation projects HeiMed Solutions and HeiMed Consult. And HeiMed®s range of products around supporting innovations is completed perfectly.

HeiMed® combines many years of experience in medical technology, automation technology, IT and scientific research. The innovation coach supports medical technology enterprises in consulting, project coordination and innovation management. Thereby, the owner attaches great importance to individuality. According to the requirement, each product is customised exactly to the necessities.

The enterprise was established one year ago in the Hessian administrative district Marburg-Biedenkopf as "Beratung & Projektkoordination Medizintechnik" (consulting & project coordination for medical devices). Just in December last year, the young enterprise was awarded with "Essener Gründerpreises für Dienstleistungen in der Gesundheitswirtschaft" for the project HeiMed Solutions by the Essener Wirtschaftsförderung. Since spring this year, the enterprise is based in Essen. On the occasion of MEDICA this year, "Beratung & Projektkoordination" introduces its new corporate design and enterprise name HeiMed®.