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ICE-O-therm - Saringer Life Science Technologies Inc. (SLST)

Innovation behind the ICE-O-therm

How ICE-O-therm Works

The IceOtherm is a class II medical device designed to engage the body’s natural healing abilities using both hot and cold stimuli. The interlaced hot and cold stimuli, induces a paradoxical burning sensation known as the Thermal Grill Illusion. The Thermal Grill Illusion has been known to scientists for over a century, and was developed and first studied extensively by Thunberg in 1896. In scientific research applications, the thermal grill is used to create harmless sensations of pain.
John Saringer, professional engineer developed the easy to use, easy to maintain, precision engineered IceOtherm. The IceOtherm is a hand held device which harnesses the Thermal Grill anomaly. By applying both mild heat and cooling to the areas of chronic pain, an intense stimulation is created (a paradoxical burning sensation), blocking and confusing the pain messages going to the brain. A ceramic core cools the center of the treatment surface to 25 degrees C cooler than the outside collar while the outer collar heats up to 42 to 48 degrees Celsius. The unit takes approximately 5 minutes before the collar warms up to reach peak therapeutic levels.