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Innovation Award-Winning Ontario Firm Brings Immuno Assay Kit to MEDICA

DORCHESTER, Ontario, Nov. 6, 2013 – Diagnostics Biochem Canada (DBC) will feature an innovative Plasma Renin Activity Kit, which diagnoses high blood pressure resistant to traditional drug or change-of-lifestyle treatments, at MEDICA, the world’s largest annual medical trade fair, November 20-23 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

DBC’s Plasma Renin Activity Kit measures the activity of renin, an enzyme released by the kidney. Low renin activity may well signal a form of hypertension that is resistant to traditional treatments and therefore carries elevated risks. The Kit is the latest in a long line of diagnostic innovations at DBC that stretches back to the 1970s.

“My family started our company 40 years ago in (nearby) London, Ontario and we have been researching and developing innovative immunoassay kits and reagents and selling them to the world ever since,” says, DBC President and CEO, Manon Hogue, niece of founder, Dr. Guy R. Dumont. “So the London Chamber of Commerce’s award for business innovation, which we won this spring, is particularly important to us because it recognizes that this new Plasma Renin Activity Kit is yet another one that addresses a global problem.”

The risks of high blood pressure are well known: stroke, kidney and heart failure among them. But maybe it’s not so well known that studies in the United States, where hypertension among black patients is highest in the world, show black people generally have lower levels or plasma renin activity. No surprise then that African-Americans face twice the risk of stroke.

“We’ve been working with a hypertension clinic in London in the development and use our new kits and we’ll work with them to introduce our kits to the United States,” says Manon. “We are also hoping to support the clinic’s research using our kits in Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, and South Africa.”

In doctors’ hands, the kit conducts quantitative renin activity analysis that is highly accurate. But diagnosis can be made even more so with another DBC-developed, steroid diagnostic kit that can measure the concentration of aldosterone, another player in the body’s team of natural blood pressure regulators. Together the two types of kits hand clinicians a powerful combo in screening for patients with resistant hypertension.

“It’s our goal to continually introduce new and innovative products to the world’s marketplaces and that’s why we have always had such a strong commitment to research and development,” says Hogue.

To develop the Plasma Renin Activity Kit, Director of Research biochemist Dr. Jorge Cruz, PhD, led a veteran DBC research team.

“For over a decade that team has consistently helped DBC distinguish its immunoassay kits,” says Dr. Cruz. “And what sets our kits apart in particular today is that to detect disorders they do not use the customary radio-active isotopes.

“That difference gives you as a user many advantages. Without radioactivity there are no safety issues; costs for the tests are lower; the kit’s shelf life is longer; and it’s more generic, meaning you don’t have to have a licence to use our products. Nowadays, other companies have come around and they too are using the same non-isotopic approach. But no other offers as wide range of steroid analysis kits as we do; nor offer the same across-the-board high quality as our DBC team provides.”

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Dr. Jorge Cruz, Director of Research
Diagnostic Biochem Canada
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DBC is continuing its research and intends to broaden its scope by developing innovative assays in the endocrinology field. DBC products carry approvals by Health Canada and the FDA in the United States, as well as the CE marking of the European Economic Union. DBC is also ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified for meeting quality management, design, and manufacturing standards.

At MEDICA 2013, DBC welcomes the media, potential distributors, and clients as well as all other visitors to the Diagnostics Biochem Canada Inc. booth K51, Hall 3.

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