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Synergie Nederland BV

Innovated Air Fluidised Care Systems Available Soon

Air Fluidised Care Systems are specialised beds to support and treat patients suffering from heavy wounds like burns, pressure sores, ulcers and other exuding wounds.

Synergie Nederland will present two new models to be distributed internationally from 2014: PEARLS – INNOVATIVE CARE and SANDS – PROVEN CARE.

PEARLS – INNOVATIVE CARE is the complete redesign of former air fluidised care systems that have been marketed in the past. Its innovative features, user benefits and smart maintenance procedures are based on Synergie’s 20 years of experience (with their well known Reditac SCU003/Synergie SAT1 model). Also customer’s feedback, have provided a strong base for the innovative redesign. PEARLS will offer the best practice in the theme of air fluidised care systems from now on.

SANDS – PROVEN CARE is the upgraded version of the former models distributed by Synergie Nederland; it brings all proven, basic specifications and reliable functioning of the SCU003/SAT1 model, and additionally offers a renewed, modern control system. Besides it will be offered at a favourable price level.

These 2 products will offer the best and the most efficient in the world for air fluidised care systems and combine excellent design, exceptional quality and optimised efficiency.

Both Synergie Nederland products will be manufactured in the Netherlands and will be distributed to hospitals and nursing homes all over the world by committed trade partners.

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