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Inimove complex duo

Inimove Complex Duo

 Fun and challenging training device

On Inimove Complex Duo there are placed 4, 6 or 8 discs on each side of the handle (called ICD8, ICD12, ICD16). The wooden discs are made of lacquered beech wood, making cleaning with a damped cloth easy.

The choice of product is assessed from weight, number of discs, gripping function, persistence and motor coordination. Regardless of age and mobility it is a challenge to assemble an Inimove Complex Duo with 16 discs. It will be easy for a person with well-functioning mobility to assemble an Inimove Complex Duo with 8 discs, but it can be a challenge for a person with a brain damage, elderly people with no strength in hands and arms and for children under 8 years.

Training exercises
The main purpose of the exercise is to center the discs in a vertical row. You can also make the discs move around their own axis, or swing the top or bottom around, while the opposite part is assembled.

Inimove can be used both with support from a table in front of the body, in outstretched arm, in front of a mirror, standing or walking.

The Inimove tools can be used to train:

Fine motor skills
Visual perception
Sensory stimulation
Muscles in the joints of the hand, forearm and shoulder
Inimove is especially helpful when recuperating from:

Brain damage
Hand injuries
Shoulder injuries
Hyper mobility
Muscle and skeleton difficulties
… And when you just want to have fun!