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Inimove complex

Inimove Complex

The rehabilitation device, Inimove Complex, helps you train your fine motor skills, increase concentration and coordination and strengthen the muscles and joints in your hands, arms and shoulders.

When using Inimove Complex, the main trick is to centre the discs to make them vertical in the air. The product is excellent for all ages, children as well as adults.

Inimove Complex comes in three different degrees of difficulty with 4, 6 and 8 discs. The wooden discs are made of lacquered beech wood, making cleaning with a damped cloth easy. On Inimove Complex, it is possible to take of the handle and wash it in the dishwasher.

The choice products depends on weight (disc numbers), grip function, perseverance and motor skills the choice will be easy to make.

Regardless of age and movement it will be a challenge for many, to bring an Inimove Complex 8 together within 15 seconds. Whereas it would be boring for well-functioning people to assemble an Inimove Complex 4, it can be a challenge for brain-damaged or elderly people without so much strength in their arms.

Inimove is patented and CE marked as a medical device in class one.

The Inimove tools can be used to train:

Fine motor skills
Visual perception
Sensory stimulation
Muscles in the joints of the hand, forearm and shoulder
Inimove is especially helpful when recuperating from:

Brain damage
Hand injuries
Shoulder injuries
Hyper mobility
Muscle and skeleton difficulties