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Inimove ApS

Inimove Hand with 2, 3 and 4 Discs

Hand therapy

Train your hands and concentration with new devices from Inimove

Inimove Hand trains the fine motor part of the hand and stabilizes the wrist. By using Inimove Hand you increase muscle flexibility, strengthen bones, calm the mind, increase blood circulation, as well as preventing mild tensions and mouse arm. Supination and pronation as well as radial and ulnar flexion of the wrist are all trained with the use of Inimove Hand, which helps to provide complex and more natural movements.

Inimove Hand with 2 discs is beneficial for children and people with impaired hand mobility, where Inimove Hand with 3 and 4 discs has a higher level of complexity. The wooden discs are made of lacquered beech wood, making cleaning with a damped cloth easy.

Inimove is a patented Danish design and Danish produced.

Inimove Hand:

• Trains supination and pronation

• Trains radial and ulnar flexion

• Increases muscle flexibility

• Increases blood circulation

• Helps relieve tension

• Prevents mouse arm

• Strengthens bones

• Increases concentration

• Increases coordination