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Inimove Cognitive 8

Cognitive Therapy

Both patients with and without gripping function has the benefit of the new exercise equipment Inimove Cognitive

Inimove Cognitive is a fun and motivating device for training of eye-hand coordination and concentration at the same times as it strengthens the muscles and joints in the hands.

Inimove Cognitive has shown positive results in the rehabilitation of both stroke patients with reduced hand function and after hand injuries. The device can be used placed on a table, where there is no need for grip function, but can also be held when particularly supination and pronation, extension and flexion are trained.


Inimove Cognitive can be used placed on a table, in front of the body, in a stretched arm, standing or walking.
Exercises can include assembling of the discs in an upright position, rotation of the discs, holding the discs upright in a straight line, using the tool as a cuddle/activity tool, or using the tool with the eyes closed.

Inimove is a patented Danish design and Danish produced. The wooden discs are made of lacquered beech wood, making cleaning with a damped cloth easy.

Inimove Cognitive:

• Trains supination and pronation
• Trains extension and flexion
• Increases muscle flexibility
• Increases blood circulation
• Strengthens bones
• Increases concentration
• Increases coordination