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In Upper Silesia We Take Care of the Poles’ Hearts

At present, every fourth patient monitor bought in Poland is manufactured by EMTEL company located in Zabrze. Silesian products conquer markets in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

Thanks to the high-class specialists working under prof. Zbigniew Religa leadership, the first successful heart transplantation in Poland was performed in Silesian Centre of Heart Diseases in Zabrze. Simultaneously, in Artificial Heart Laboratory, at the initiative of prof. Religa, researchers worked on using implantable devices supporting a heart operation and on making “artificial” heart. In the same town, 20 years ago, the EMTEL company was established. Today, this company is the leading manufacturer of patient monitors and resuscitation devices in Poland.

- For over 20 years our monitors have been monitoring biological functions in adult patients, children and neonatal in hospitals, clinics, private one-day surgery centers and emergency wards in Poland and around the world – in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. Many people may not realize that Polish technologies are outstanding in the world. Medical apparatus produced in Zabrze offers additional solutions and it is easy in usage. We are proud that Silesian technologies capture doctors’ and patients’ hearts all over the world – says Waldemar Sliwa, the founder of EMTEL company.

In Poland, estimated market value of devices monitoring biological functions in patients is 12.1 mln USD, about 41.1 mln PLN. This market is expected to increase by 2,5 percent during this year. At present, about 30 percent of national market of patient monitors belongs to EMTEL. The producer from Zabrze is planning next expansion which will result in further sale increase in coming two, three years.

- We have achieved a strong position in Asia and we are planning to introduce our devices into South America market (our apparatus works in Peru and Chile). We are recruiting partners in West Europe and Scandinavia. Polish and Silesian companies have huge capacity and therefore a slogan of this year’s Silesian District Days: “Silesian Heart of Europe” was totally justified – adds Marek Suczyk, Sales and Marketing Director of EMTEL company.