ARBOR Technology

In Melbourne, ARBOR HTab complements patients' painful waiting time in dialysis center.

For renal imperment patients, dialysis sessions are often seen as long annoying and tiresome moments. Indeed, En effet, blood-cleansing and purifying the water our body contains have the necessity to not move during 4 hours 3 times a week. To improve patients comfort and entertainment, Royal Melbourne Hospital's Essendon Fields Dialysis Unit invested to deply HTab solution for each of its dialysis chair.
Fixed on a rolling stand, HTab is an economical global solution combining ARBOR M1012 10.1" multi-touch terminal with TMM Software Android MultiMed suite. Specified and certificated for medical environnements, M1012 can easily be cleaned and desinfected (IP65), and get power from PoE connection. It allows hospital staff to get quick and secured access to patient file in case of an emergency.
Through this terminal, patient get acces to Internet communications, to hospital information service, but also to multiple entertainment applications as radio, VOD, TV, games, social networks, etc. This deployment got support from eHealth Consortium, Hong-Kong non-profit organization working for eHealth development and evolution. 

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