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Kyowa Medex Co., Ltd.

Import and Sales Company in Rapidly Expanding China

Kyowa Medex Co., Ltd. ("Kyowa Medex") announced the release of the establishment of Kyowa Medex (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. on June 21 2011. Kyowa Medex has established Kyowa Medex (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as an import and sales company to meet the demand of the rapidly expanding Chinese market in the medical field.

The company has begun reinforcing overseas business based on its 11th mid-term plan. As a part of that plan, it established a subsidiary in Shanghai as its sales and strategic marketing base with the aim of enhancing business in China.

By establishing a sales base inside China, the company hopes to build a sales network that responds to local needs and bolster marketing capability in the Chinese biochemical reagent and medical device markets.

Kyowa Medex (Shanghai) is being positioned in the long term as the nucleus of the company’s Asian Business, but for the present it is expanding the biochemical reagents, mainly lipid items, as it works to develop a wider range of products in the future.