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Impactis M schockwave therapy unit - 1st worldwide presentation on MEDICA 2015!

Impactis M - mobile shockwave therapy unit


Impactis M is a mobile device for schockwave therapy.

The shockwave therapy with Impactis M ensures:
• High clinically confirmed efficacy
• Non-invasiveness
• Fast improvement of the clinical condition: 3-4 procedures with   a one-week break are sufficient
• The therapeutic session takes about 10 minutes only
• No side effects
• No need to anaesthetise and use pharmacological substances
• Combination of symptomatic and causal treatment
• Long-term therapeutic effect
• Maximum possible setpoints of 5 bar/25 Hz

Functional qualities:
Mobility: small size, low weight, transport bag and           accumulator
• SW applicator: ergonomic shape, sealing of the front part and     low weight
• Interface: simplicity

Technical specification

• Dedicated transmitter for aesthetic medicine
• Applicator with an integrated spring shock absorber            absorbing vibrations
• Ergonomic silhouette of the head front improving the holding       comfort
• The device in its original version allows for over  2,000,000       shocks
• The applicator regeneration kit allows for another 2,000,000 or    more shocks

• Single
• Continuous
• Burst

43 integrated programs