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Randox Engineering Ltd

Immunoassay Solution for Rapid Detection of Synthetic Cannabinoids and other Drugs

Randox Toxicology launched an ELISA for the detection of synthetic cannabinoids (Spice) in urine and blood. With a dramatic rise in forensic cases involving these drugs, it is essential that all suspected synthetic cannabinoid cases are detected. The Randox Toxicology ELISA offers a highly sensitive screen targeting JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-398, JWH-200 and a large number of additional metabolites.

The last decade has seen a proliferation in ‘designer drugs’ created by changing the molecular structure of one or more existing drugs to create a new substance. This has meant a difficult task for forensic toxicologists, with a huge number of new drug compounds. Until recently the only method of detection for synthetic cannabinoids was by chromatographic analysis. The Randox Toxicology ELISA offers a fast and effective way of routinely screening for these drugs, eliminating negative samples prior to timely and costly confirmatory procedures.

As an innovative manufacturer striving to improve testing capabilities within the forensic toxicology laboratory, Randox Toxicology has dedicated extensive time and expertise towards developing a rapid immunoassay solution for the detection of designer drugs. In addition to the synthetic cannabinoids ELISA, Randox Toxicology plan to release a comprehensive designer drug array for use on their range of Evidence biochip analysers.
The Drugs of Abuse Array V (DoA V) will allow forensic toxicologists to detect eight designer drugs and their metabolites within a single undivided specimen. The panel targets Methcathinone, Mephedrone, MDPV (also known as bath salts), Benzylpiperazines, Phenylpiperazines, Mescaline, Salvinorin and a number of Synthetic Cannabinoids. The superior ability to screen for these drugs simultaneously, offers substantial time and labour savings within the laboratory, with an added benefit of no specimen preparation requirements. DoA V will be available for rapid multiplexing in urine and blood. With over fifty assays currently in development for drugs of abuse testing, these designer drug assays are just some of the many novel tests available first from Randox Toxicology.