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Mevitec GmbH

Illuminate your health with light rays

Landshut, Germany, November 14, 2007 - mevitec GmbH presents its innovative CRS system (cell regulation screening) on Medica 2007, hall 3, booth E 83. The CRS, a medical device which has been awarded with design prizes several times, shows within seconds unique information about your actual health status, without bloodtaking and absolutely painless.
The CRS analysis system is a screening method enabling a non-invasis evaluation of human metabolic regulation. The optical measurement on the ball of the patient's thumb is completed within a few seconds. The analysis is based on the autofluorescence of endogenous metabolic substances in tissue fluid. The information collected is transferred to user-friendly software for evaluation. It shows the metabolic regulation, metabolic acidosis, connective tissue condition, oxidative stress, infection processes, immune resistance, and physical and mental performance capability. Based on this analysis, individual micronutritional requirements are shown.
When excited by light of a specific wavelength, many substances found in tissue fluid are capable of emitting (auto-) fluorescence at a different specific wavelength. mevitec GmbH makes use of this phenomenon to offer an unique, non-invasive screening system for individual health care. The combination of the single substances with each other in a specific manner enables the interpretation of any metabolic disorder or stress or regualtory disorders, respectively.
The advantage of this newly developed method is not only the non-invasive procedure but also quick measurement and interpretation, enabling the monitoring of metabolic regulation without impairment of the volunteer, and at a reasonable price for the first time. The screening is advisable especially for people with encreased oxidative stress, e.g. in smokers, phases of actue stress or unbalanced nutrition. It is also recommended for chronic fatigue and reduced performance capability, as well as for preventive medicive in general.The CRS system ist available in various options to be used in medicine, in pharmaccies, in competitive sports as well as in the fitness and wellness area