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Identify Arterial Stiffness with the enverdis VASCULAR EXPLORER

Arterial hypertension and arterial stiffness are closely connected pathophysiologically. Higher blood pressure makes the arterial walls stiffer. This increases the speed of the aortic pulse wave causing the reflected pulse wave to return to the aorta earlier which increases blood pressure further. A higher systolic blood pressure in the periphery is the result.

The VASCULAR EXPLORER can determine the brachial and aortic augmentation index, which is the ratio of the augmentation caused by the reflected pulse wave to the pulse pressure. Furthermore you can measure pulse wave velocities in different arteries to rate arterial stiffness and arterial aging. With this method you can detect for example endothelial or vascular dysfunction early on and treat the patient whilst the arteriosclerosis is still in a reversible stage.

Do you want to offer this stress free and non-invasive early detection, progress monitoring and risk screening of coronary and vascular diseases to your patients?

The VASCULAR EXPLORER enables you to perform easy and automated vessel analysis for the diagnostic of angiopathy.


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