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Identical Technology to Bigger Machines: Miele's New Washer-Disinfectors

Improved performance in Miele compact class

At MEDICA 2009, Miele is to present two 90 cm wide washer-disinfectors for use in clinics and surgeries. Both machines feature technical highlights previously the preserve of larger decontamination units. These include spray arm monitoring and improved user convenience. These machines will be on sale in early 2010.

The new PG 8535 and PG 8536 washer-disinfectors will be launched under the motto 'Perfection Guaranteed' as they offer all that is needed for top-level instrument reprocessing. Both units feature for example an integrated Perfect Speed Sensor spray arm monitoring device which records the precise speed of spray arms during operation. This helps detect loading errors immediately, preventing any cleaning performance loss which would otherwise be the result.

Miele's freely programmable Profitronic+ controls provide 64 programme slots of which only 17 are occupied by pre-set cleaning and disinfection programmes. On request, Miele's special OxiVario and OxiVario Plus programmes, patents pending, are available to achieve optimum results on critical instruments without the need for pre-cleaning. OrthoVario is the ideal programme for the gentle reprocessing of orthopaedic instruments. Other special programmes ensure for instance the thorough and gentle reprocessing of the delicate instruments used in eye surgery. Liquid dispensing systems simplify everyday operation in clinics and surgeries. The circulation pump has a throughput capacity of 400 l/min on the PG 8535 and an astonishing 600 l on the PG 8536. Each reprocessing programme ends with Perfect HEPA drying, Miele's high-performance drying cycle.

A further common feature on both units is the self-explanatory Perfect Touch display with local-language graphics at each programme stage for simple and safe programme selection at the touch of a button. The glass surface of the display is completely flush and smooth and therefore ideal for cleaning and wipe disinfection. The high-end and pleasing design of the PG 8536 attracted two design prizes even before its launch: The 'red dot' design award and the iF product design award.
Incredibly compact and versatile - Setting new technological standards: The PG 8536
With a height of 82 cm, the built-under PG 8535 can be accommodated even in smaller surgeries. Despite its size, it offers ample space for 4 DIN mesh trays, 2 AN sets, one to two MIS sets or 48 gynaecological specula.
The 117.5 cm tall PG 8536 offers significantly greater capacity, allowing up to 7 DIN mesh trays or 3 AN sets to be processed in a single cycle. With this model, Miele is setting new technical standards in the entire compact unit market. As an optional extra, the maintenance-free Perfect Pure Sensor conductivity system reliably detects residue in the rinse cycles, adding additional water intake cycles where necessary. The patented Perfect Flow Sensor dispensing controls system, also optional, ensures that precise quantities are dispensed, irrespective of the type and viscosity of the fluids.
To meet documentation requirements in compliance with medical device legislation, both units offer a wide range of cycle documentation options, in part using the machine's standard network interface.
If required, Miele washer-disinfectors can also be connected to Miele Remote Service. Should, against all odds, a technical fault occur, Miele's service operation has direct remote access to all relevant information needed to provide prompt assistance.

Caption: The perfect product for instrument reprocessing in outpatient clinics and CSSD departments where space is at a premium: Miele's new 90 cm wide washer-disinfector PG 8535, due to be launched in 2010. This combines a successful design with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology.