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Ideal Patient Positioning

Carbon FloatLine offers 800 millimeters in the longitudinal shift.

TRUMPF Medical Systems is offering perfect patient positioning with it’s modular and mobile operating tables and table systems. TRUMPF operating tables are designed to put the patient in the best possible position while meeting the needs of the particular discipline. They give the surgeons ideal access to the patient and provide all the necessary support to the nursing staff.

Floating table top
The Carbon FloatLine is ideal for use in the various and growing applications found in hybrid operating rooms. The one-piece operating table top is made of carbon fiber and is entirely radiolucent. With the TruSystem 7500 surgical table system, it gives you an open interface for integration with imaging systems such as angiography units, MRTs and C-arms. The Carbon FloatLine features bi-directional shift – up to 125 millimeters sideways and up to 800 millimeters in the longitudinal direction at as fast as 185 millimeters per second. An ergonomically designed control unit enables the staff to shift the table top in the desired direction – both easily and intuitively. Every possible combination of transverse and longitudinal motion can be initiated directly with a single movement. The system also offers infinite adjustment of Trendelenburg slope and lateral tilt. The novel control module for the Carbon FloatLine features sensors that respond to the applied force. The operating table top moves faster or slower depending on the pressure applied to the operation unit. This quick and unrestricted movement gives the user the impression that the surgical table top is free floating.

All-purpose arm support
A new arm support designed for universal use expands the range of positioning accessories available for the TRUMPF operating tables. It can be used – without any further attachments – for four patient positions. Along with the standard set-up for supine positioning, it can also be used for the prone, lateral and beach chair positions. Due to the integrated clamp with it’s quick-acting closure, the arm support can be affixed, easily and securely, to the side rail of any operating table. It’s longitudinal shift option lets the arm’s cushion make contact with the surgical table top without any gap. User testing proved that the board’s flexibility and ease of use were extremely compelling. A further advantage for the surgical staff is the knee and leg room while working at the operating table.

Stabilizing positioning cushions
TRUMPF offers specially designed positioning cushions for preventative and safe patient positioning. These cushions hold the patient, both gently and securely, in the desired position, suitable for the demands of the particular intervention. The cushions are made up of a viscoelastic foam with a bi-elastic cover to prevent decubitus and to reduce pressure on tissues. This material is latex free, breathable and waterproof. The covers can be cleaned either by hand or machine – at up to 95 degrees Celsius – to satisfy the most stringent hygiene regulations.

Top-class surgical table system
Numerous configuration options, extreme adjustment ranges and the most modern technology make the TruSystem 7500 premium operating table a multi-functional all-rounder. This surgical table system, which has been recognized with several awards, can handle patients weighing as much as 360 kilograms. It’s remote control module can be programmed using a touch screen display. Thus, frequently used table top configurations can be stored and recalled both quickly and simply. In addition to its flexibility, the virtually unlimited modularity of the table tops and an ergonomically sensible control concept – the TruSystem 7500 also shines with optimized hygiene. Due to the special NanoProtect finish on it’s stainless steel surfaces, liquids form droplets which can be easily wiped away without a trace. Other residues, such as plaster, can be cleaned up just as easily, since the do not adhere to the surface. A micro-thin film of glass ceramic, made up of quartz nanoparticles, produces this beading effect and is hydrophobic by nature. Surfaces finished in this way can be quickly cleaned and disinfected. The NanoProtect coating is resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet light and high temperatures. It is also resistant to impact and wear.

Specialists for hip interventions
In orthopedics and traumatology, a traction unit with the MIS hip device turns the operating table into a specialist for every kind of hip surgery. The traction unit is first affixed to the operating table. The patient’s feet and calves are then positioned, securely and comfortably in the traction boots. Special struts and the laparascopic hip unit make for unrestricted three dimensional movement of the patient’s leg. The leg can be easily rotated, flexed and adducted and put in each position required for the multi- step in the operation. A thickly upholstered countertraction post ensures that the patient is held securely on the table when the lower extremities are moved. The surgical staff will find that handling is simple and effortless. The carbon fiber reinforced design makes it possible to image during the operation, even in the pelvic area and in 3D mode. The traction unit can easily be mounted on all the TRUMPF operating tables in the TruSystem 7500 and TruSystem 5500 series and on the JUPITER, MARS and TITAN models.