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Idaro – Mobile comfort for little ones

Parents choose an optimal hospital for their child. One particular criterion for
this choice is certainly the hospital’s interior design and furnishings. Idaro, with its attractive, child-friendly design, a large choice of colours and its rounded form, is easy to handle and to clean. So it provides, not only visually, a good start for both mother and child.

The cot can be adjusted in height from 68 cm to 92 cm. Thus, it can not only
be adjusted to the same height as the mother’s bed to provide an easy view of
the child, but also be set to a convenient working height for the nursing staff.

A further adjustment option is the inclination of the cot by up to 15° into an
anti-Trendelenburg position. Well thought-out special features such as an easily
visible name plate, an integrated storage basket and the option of pushing
several trolleys into each other to save space during storage make the Idaro
stand out from the rest and predestine it for everyday hospital use.

Idaro, an enrichment for the nursery ward.