I am packing my suitcase: portable x-ray systems to assist in crisis situations -- MEDICA Trade Fair

I am packing my suitcase: portable x-ray systems to assist in crisis situations


Enis Labiadh; © beta-Web GmbH

Physicians need to work under entirely different circumstances in conflict areas than in typical situations. To be able to provide as much needed professional help as possible even in remote areas, they need medical equipment that meets these requirements. Like portable suitcase solutions for x-ray machines for example.

This marks the third time the International Conference on Disaster and Military Medicine (DIMIMED) takes place during MEDICA trade fair. Fifty speakers and 200 participants focus on medical care in conflict areas.

Among the speakers is Enis Labiadh, Senior Sales Manager of Oehm und Rehbein GmbH. He lectures on "Mobile and Portable X-Ray Solutions". As a supplier of these types of solutions and the accompanying software, he illustrates their many possibilities. He explains, "One of the biggest challenges for the devices is to also function under the local conditions. That’s why it is pointless to test them under German climate conditions for instance and subsequently use them in other countries with entirely different circumstances." What’s more, the devices need to weigh as little as possible and be easy to clean.

Photo: x-ray device

A wireless X-ray imaging with the suitcase system for digital radiography in emergency medicine; © Oehm & Rehbein GmbH

The advantages of these portable suitcase solutions are obvious. "With their help, you can already take an x-ray of an injury at the frontline for instance. The images are then sent to a hospital. In doing so, you can quickly make a diagnosis which determines how to proceed with the patient," emphasizes Labiadh. This saves valuable time.

Among others, the Oehm and Rehbein Company works with "Doctors without Borders" and is equally committed to national interests: the refugee camps in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have been equipped with their solutions.

"We have been participating and visiting MEDICA for the past 15 years. Now, the DIMIMED also offers us an ideal platform for getting in touch with stakeholders from all over the world," the Senior Manager says and is happy to add, "Even last year when we didn’t give a lecture, we still received active encouragement at this venue and were asked for solutions more than ever before." This resulted in the Portuguese Army’s submarines being supplied with Oehm and Rehbein products for example.

Aside from presenting state of the art mobile solutions, Enis Labiadh also introduces the latest development from his company that is scheduled to hit the market at the end of this year. It is intended to be even lighter, more mobile and more flexible than the previous products.

A date to remember:

17.11.2015, 11:45h, Lecture 2.2, Room 1 im CCD South (Süd)
"Mobile and portable X-ray solutions state-of-the-art", Enis Labiadh, Oehm und Rehbein GmbH

Foto: Natascha Mörs

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Author: Natascha Mörs; Translation: Elena O'Meara.