Integrated Technologies Ltd.

ITL Virginia Celebrates Three Year Milestone

Monday, 1 May saw ITL celebrate an important milestone, as the company marks three years since launching its US operation, ITL Virginia Inc.

ITL began operating from Richmond, Virginia in May 2013 and has been evolving ever since. Initially providing servicing and aftersales support for products manufactured by ITL in the UK and sold in to the US market, the Virginia facility is now working towards providing a domestic contract manufacturing service. It also provides a route to market for companies looking to break in to the US medical device market. As well as expanding into manufacturing, ITL VA now offers a pay-as-you-go medical device consultancy service for product development too.

The milestone has given the company an opportunity to reflect on the success to date and look to the future.
Thomas Jull, ITL VA's Vice President, said: 

“This is an exciting milestone for ITL Virginia and it’s fantastic to realise what we’ve achieved over the past three years. Since setting up our operation we’ve made great progress on growing our footprint in the U.S and building our customer base”

“We’ve made substantial developments since setting up here - last year we were able to move to a larger facility and obtain FDA GMP certification. This year we’ve been able to recruit new talent and grow our expert team.
He added:

“Opening an office here has always been a customer-focused decision – and a decision that has enabled us to better serve our American customers. Our presence in the US has opened up immeasurable new opportunities – and it looks like we’ve got an optimistic future ahead of us.
Home to over 200 life science companies and with great connections and support available, Greater Richmond has proved itself to be the ideal location for the US division.   

ITL VA will continue its mission to grow its reputation in the US, organically expand its customer base and help bring more ground-breaking medical innovations to market.

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