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Integrated Technologies Ltd.

ITL Receives Major Order for the Endomagnetics SentiMag® for Breast Cancer Staging


The system is based on magnetic materials rather than radioisotopes, and comprises the SentiMag® instrument and its magnetic tracer, Sienna+® to locate lymph nodes involved in the spread of cancer. The significant order for 35 SentiMag® instruments represents the largest so far, demonstrating its success and the growing demand for the system.

Established in the UK for over 35 years, ITL has built a solid reputation as the market leader in the design and manufacture of medical diagnostic and analytical instruments. Tom Cole, CEO of ITL, commented, “We support customers such as Endomagnetics throughout every stage of the concept, design, development, prototyping and manufacturing cycle – ‘bringing Instruments to life’. Being a relatively small company has distinct advantages when it comes to being dynamic and flexible and it was ITL’s skills in this area that caught the attention of Endomagnetics’ CEO Dr Eric Mayes.”

Mayes was enthusiastic, “From the outset of our great relationship with ITL, it was clear they were on our wavelength. As an aggressively growing start-up, we needed our partners to be equally dynamic and responsive. I didn’t necessarily expect this in an established manufacturing partner, but ITL demonstrated from the outset its natural ability to absorb the start-up enthusiasm.

“As soon as we engaged with ITL, the project really took off. And ITL continues to act seamlessly as an integral part of our team, with strong communication and considered input. It is clear there is continual investment in ITL’s facilities and their commitments to us have solidified the nature of the relationship – they really are committed to their customers.”

Mayes closed by saying, “Based on the relationship so far, I fully expect ITL will continue to play a fundamental role in Endomagnetics’ future products, manufacturing and order fulfilment. They are very much part of our team.”

With qualified manufacturing facilities opened in China in 2008 (which mirrors the Ashford UK facilities) ITL is well placed to support Endomagnetics’ manufacturing on a worldwide basis.
The Endomagnetics’ solution provides much-needed flexibility and control in the fight against breast cancer. Melanoma and colorectal cancer sufferers are also likely to benefit from this exciting technological advance.

The SentiMag® instrument will be on display with ITL at Medica Dusseldorf in Hall 3, Booth H20, November 14-17, 2012.