ITGI attends EuroPCR 2015 -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


ITGI Medical Ltd.

ITGI attends EuroPCR 2015

Three procedures using ITGI’s Coronary pericardium covered stent were presented at PCR 2015, the world's leading cardiologists conference;

Professor Carlo Di Mario, Consultant in interventional cardiology, Professor of clinical cardiology, NIHR Biomedical Research Unit, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, presented consecutive 5 year immediate and long-term results for AneugraftDx coronary covered stent in treatment of cardiovascular indications.

Dr. Mark Berzins, director of the Interventional Cardiology Unit, Galil Medical Center, presented a complex case of false coronary aneurysm following PCI for Anterior Wall Infarction treated with AneugraftDx that was delivered through two previously implanted stents.

Dr. Chris Zambakidis, leading interventional cardiologist at Netcare Union Hospital, presented the use of biological tissue covered stent (AneugraftDx) for the treatment of Giant coronary artery aneurysm, as a part of a session comprising selected EuroPCR 2015 image submissions.