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ITD launches “new” compact-cart

The “new” compact-cart was presented for the first time as a prototype at Medica 2007 in Düsseldorf and generated a great deal of interest. The compact-cart carrier system has undergone a comprehensive facelift. The additional functionality and design achieved made it a perfect successor to the predecessor already successfully established in the marketplace.

Unterhaching, 25 April 2008 ITD GmbH, Europe’s market leader in mobile and stationary support systems for medical settings, has modified the successful compact-cart support system to meet the continually expanding requirements of the market. The new support system sets benchmarks for the base, power supply, cable management and design. The new compact-cart is available for delivery now.

The base – space-saving, robust and compact

The new compact-cart base is available in two versions. The Economy Version is designed for small cable volumes and applications requiring less intensive use of equipment. It meets all the primary requirements for an operational equipment cart. The Profi Version has two spacious power columns combined with expanded, safer cable management and routing. There are also of options for upgrading, e.g. integration of an isolating transformer.

The new design of the base delivers an optimum relationship between platform and work area coupled with an increase in adjustment depth of 465 mm to 491 mm. Low centre of gravity and the projecting position of the castors (4 twin castors, 2 with wheel locks, diameter of 100 mm) guarantee maximum tilt stability. The base components – sheet steel and castings – provide essential strength. This has enabled the load rating to be increased from 150 kg to 180 kg compared with the preceding model.

The two base versions can be supplied in standard widths of 450 mm, 500 mm or 650 mm and working heights of 960 mm (30 U), 1120 mm (35 U) and 1280 mm (40 U). A comprehensive range of modular system components and accessories allows bases to be tailored to specific customer requirements.

Safe and robust power supply with smart, direct and virtually invisible cable management

The power columns in the new compact-cart have a unique design and offer enhanced safety and hygiene for routine applications. Columns are fitted with spacious cable shafts and accommodate all common national and international socket strips, e.g. hospital grade, over the entire extrusion length without losing any socket spaces. They even offer adequate space for separate routing of data lines and power cables. Soft rubber lips along the inside of the power columns permit cable entry and exit over the entire height of the support column. These lips also offer short connection lines. This system of virtually invisible cable routing is also supported by an optional Power Unit mounted at the back – a form of central power supply – which can also accommodate socket strips and provides protection against unauthorized access with a locking facility.

A central on and off switch is another defining feature for the new compact-cart that can be integrated in the right-hand power column. This is available in conjunction with socket strips or a powerful isolating transformer up to 2000 VA installed discretely in the base. The transformer can be integrated in carts from widths of 450 mm.

The design – adaptable, ergonomic and modern

Handles, corner pieces for drawers or shelves and trim strips can be used as design interfaces in the energy columns and the colours can be adapted to the equipment or livery of corporate design. The decorative elements of the new compact-cart are available in the three colours Light Grey (RAL 7035), Sky Blue (RAL 5015) and Signal Yellow (RAL 1003).

The design concept of ITD GmbH is expressed in a streamlined, form tailored to practical applications with no corners and edges. The demanding hygienic requirements of routine, everyday work in a hospital are guaranteed by fast wipe-clean powder-coated surfaces resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents.

The new version of the Main Catalogue for Mobile Equipment Carts will be available in German and English from the middle of the 2nd quarter of 2008. ITD GmbH has included all the key information about the new compact-cart in its latest catalogue. In addition to sample applications, customers and prospective users will find lots of detailed information about benefits, technical details, possible ordering configurations and a comprehensive range of accessories presented in an exciting format with pictures and drawings. The catalogue is available in hardcopy and can be downloaded in electronic form at the Download Centre on the ITD Home Page by clicking on

Experience ITD products “live”

ITD GmbH has a large showroom at the ITD site in Unteraching near Munich. This offers anyone who wants a little more than just pictures of ITD products an opportunity to experience all the solutions available at first hand and throughout the year. ITD and the network of national and international specialist dealers also have stands at numerous national and international trade fairs to present their range of products. You can access all contacts and the latest overview of exhibitions and events on the Internet by clicking on and going to “News”.