IPO on KONEX -- MEDICA Trade Fair




Nanobiosys has successfully done Initial Public Offering on the KONEX (Korea New Exchange) as of June 22, 2015.

In the ceremony held at KRX (Korea Exchange) 9 AM on June 22, SUNG-WOO KIM, Ph.D., CEO has expressed his impression on IPO that the company has registered the most advanced molecular diagnostic technology patents in Korea, Japan and USA with its rapid, accurate and compact technology which is one of the core technologies of U-Healthcare Industry in the years to come.

The company has been exporting high-end products to over 27 countries including USA and Turkey to play a leading role in the global marketplace.

On the occasion of MERS-CoV spreading all over the country just recently, the company has successfully came into the major big hospitals in Korea by introducing the faster and better quality of products than global players from USA and Germany. While delivering his good impression, he has solicited your continuous and generous support for the employees and partners running from the front line. Based on this valuable experience, the company has promised to do its utmost efforts in supplying high quality products and services to the best developed countries with favorable comments from USA, China, Europe and so forth.

The company’s IPO Item Code: A214610

Appointed Consultant: Daewoo Securities Co., Ltd.