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Devlin Electronics Ltd

IPIX Computer Given More Power and Bacteria Busting Surface

The New Powerful IPIX

Devlin Electronics the exclusive distributors of Datalux products in Europe today announce the availability of a brand new version of the IPIX all-in-one PC and monitor.

This new IPIX sees an upgrade to the performance whilst maintaining the exterior design features which have made it so popular. The IPIX is specifically designed to be deployed in point-of-care healthcare environments, achieving IEC-60601-1 certification. Sealed and fanless the IPIX is easily wiped down for infection control without fear of damaging the unit. A heat pipe system instead of a fan is a significant advantage in a healthcare setting; a fan would ingest dirt and bacteria only to circulate it in other areas. One enhancement that has been made to the exterior of the IPIX is the use of anti-microbial plastic, the IPIX now kills bacteria on contact.

The performance of the IPIX has been upgraded and now include a 1.6GHz or 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1024MB or 2048MB of RAM and featuring an 80GB hard drive as standard (larger sizes are available on request). The new IPIX is also available with either Microsoft Vista Business or XP Professional. This new IPIX retains the resistive touch screen option, which proved popular on both the 17” and 20” versions. Wireless connectivity options allow users to connect to the hospital network from anywhere. A further option on the IPIX is an internal lithium ion battery which can give a runtime of up to 45mins in the event of mains power failure.

“We are very proud to be the exclusive European distributor of the IPIX, we have a very successful track history working with Datalux. We believe this new IPIX will be even more popular than the last, thanks to its improved spec.” commented Devlin managing director, Martin Baker.

Devlin have also begun to incorporate the new IPIX all-in-one PC and LCD screen into their D-Cart. The D-Cart is a mobile computing cart with a powerful battery pack allowing extended use around hospitals. Devlin have witnessed growing demand for the D-Cart as health services continue efforts to provide clinicians’ patient information at the point-of-care.