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INEX Announces Launch of World’s First CE-IVD Point-of-Care Diagnostic Assay for the Detection of Ovarian Cancer in the Operating Theatre

Singapore, July 20, 2016 - INEX Innovations Exchange Pte Ltd, a leading Women’s Health Molecular Diagnostics Services Provider in Singapore, announced today that the OvaCis™ Assay is now CE marked for in vitro diagnostic use. It has been certified to meet the EC Directive 98/79/EC for IVD products.

OvaCis™ is the world’s first Point-of-Care diagnostic assay for the detection of ovarian cancer in the operating theatre and is able to discriminate benign from malignant epithelial ovarian cysts with 98% accuracy in five minutes.

“Globally there are 240,000 ovarian cancer cases per year, with 152,000 deaths annually. Frozen section, the current mainstay of intraoperative diagnosis for epithelial ovarian cancer is not universally available. OvaCis™ can accurately detect the presence of cancer within ovarian cysts within five minutes of obtaining a sample of ovarian cyst fluid,” said Dr. Khalil Razvi, Founder of INEX Innovations Exchange.

According to Robert Hodges, Chief Operating Officer of INEX, “This is a historic milestone for Singapore’s biotech and molecular diagnostics industry. We believe OvaCis™ will revolutionise the way ovarian cysts are managed during surgery, and impact the choice of the operative surgical procedures.”

“Receiving the CE certification for our made-in-Singapore kits is a stamp of international endorsement of our innovation here in Singapore. We are in the process of manufacturing our first batch of OvaCis™ kits, which will be commercially available by Q4 this year. With the CE certification, INEX will be poised to capture the growing IVD market in Europe.”

About INEX Innovations Exchange
Established in 2006, Innovations Exchange Pte Ltd (INEX) is a pioneering molecular diagnostic company focused on the research, development, marketing and licensing of innovative technology for the advancement of women’s and fetal health. A spin out from the National University of Singapore (“NUS”), INEX collaborates with prominent clinicians, clinician-scientists and academic institutions to develop innovative technologies and revolutionise medicine for women’s healthcare. For more information about INEX, please visit www.inex.sg

About OvaCis™
OvaCis™ is an innovative colourimetric kit that accurately discriminates benign from malignant epithelial ovarian cysts with 98% accuracy, in 5 minutes. More than 90% of all ovarian malignancies are of epithelial origin, called epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC). Ovarian cysts are commonly present in most EOCs. Each year a large number of women go for ovarian cystectomy to remove ovarian cysts that are thought to benign. The intraoperative detection of malignancy for women going for ovarian cystectomy is critical for triage of patients for the most suitable surgical procedures, particularly important for young patients who wish to preserve fertility, and prevent unnecessary multiple surgeries. www.ovacis.com.sg

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