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IMT Analytics AG

IMT Analytics – New name, well-known ventilator testers and services

Following the sale of imtmedical ag to Vyaire Medical, the company's analyser business unit has been continued by IMT Analytics AG for two months. Apart from the redesign of the product portfolio, this does not change much for customers and partners: We continue to develop and sell our well-known, high-precision gas flow analysers for the calibration of ventilators and anaesthesia machines, versatile test lungs and medical grade air compressors. The Swiss headquarters as well as the team with its decades of experience remain largely intact.

Industrial standard in several countries
Furthermore, part of our product portfolio is the high-end FlowAnalyser PF-300. It can be used to test and calibrate all types of medical devices that generate pressure or flow. Thanks to its high-precision measurement methodology, it is considered as industrial standard in some countries in Central Europe, as well as in Japan and China. In addition, IMT Analytics AG also distributes the testing devices of the CITREX family: From the entry-level model CITREX H3 to the approved CITREX H4 and the CITREX H5 with its customisable user interface.

Several apps just before publication
The CITREX H5 impresses not only with its display, but also with apps that simplify measurement procedures. Previously particularly used in conjunction with bellavista ventilators, IMT Analytics will release several other apps over the next few weeks. These include, for example, a Dropbox application that allows users to manage their data more easily. We will send you information about other apps via newsletter over the coming months – for users of ventilators of various brands exciting opportunities should arise.

Simulate lungs of ventilated patients
In addition to ventilator testers, IMT Analytics AG also sells test lungs in various versions: from simple, non-adjustable models such as EasyLung and EasyLung Neonatal to SmartLung in different sizes, in which resistance, compliance and leakage can be changed in just a few steps. Also available is the aeris compressor. It provides certified medical grade compressed air at low cost of ownership and minimum maintenance.
Learn more about IMT Analytics on our new website In addition to product descriptions, you will also find our usual additional services such as the EasyCal calibration service or our IMT Analytics Academy with explanatory videos on our high-precision gas flow analysers.

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