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ICW Master Patient Index Successful with IHE Testing and HITSP

Wayne, PA, March 18, 2009 – eHealth specialist InterComponentWare (ICW) has successfully demonstrated its technological leadership in healthcare IT connectivity at the IHE North American Connectathon, the only large-scale interoperability testing event for the healthcare industry. For three years in a row, the interoperability of ICW's Master Patient Index (ICW MPI) has been designated as IHE conformant. The interoperability of the ICW MPI suc-ceeded in over 65 tests with 21 different systems.

In addition to passing the IHE tests, the ICW MPI also was certified as compatible with the specifications of the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP), a public/private partnership formed to harmonize and integrate clinical and business standards. The ICW MPI, a component of the comprehensive net-working solution ICW Professional Exchange Server (ICW PXS), compares master data from different systems of connected hospitals, aligning them with a unique patient when they match. Among the profiles tested were IHE-PIX (Patient Identi-fier Cross-Referencing) and IHE-PDQ (Patient Demographics Query).

Jeremy Coote, CEO of InterComponentWare, Inc. comments on the importance of the IHE initiative, “As we drive toward a greater use of technology to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare delivery, ensuring standards-based interoperability is critical.” Coote continues, “At ICW we are committed to deliver-ing standards-based solutions and the end-to-end security necessary for all health-care source systems and medical devices to exchange information. The Connec-tathon provides the proving ground for all vendors working toward this goal.”

ICW has gained many clients in Europe and the U.S. based on its MPI solution. Among these are the Memorial Hospital Rhode Island, and the Torrance Hospital Independent Practice Association Medical Group (THIPA), an association of about 400 independent doctors at the hospital in Torrance, California. European clients include the consortium of regional hospitals in the Swiss Canton of St. Gallen, Hirslanden, Switzerland's leading private hospital group, the Heidelberg University Clinic, and the Health Centers Rhine-Neckar.

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